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zinkwazi photoblog
visions of diana, goddess of the hunt visions of diana, goddess of the hunt
another diana+ shot from the other day...
the diana is quite a bit different from the holga.
the images seem to be a lot more dreamy in nature, possibly due to the greater focus range than the holga; more ways to miss the focus plane.
it is really nice to have 3 fstops to choose from, it may seem minor but at f/3.5 (and f/5.6) iso 100 film is a lot more usable than at f/8 which both the holga and diana sport.
the only negative is that the diana seems to be a lot less physically robust than the holga, it almost feels frail... time will tell if it can survive me :)

it is super fun to shoot the diana, i highly recommend it!
tags: all  analog  diana camera  family  goleta  kids  

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