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Zinkwazi is a journal and virtual sketch pad where I post photos and art from life around me. – a stream of daily visual moments… – a mini photography portfolio site where you can see more of my photography.

Images on may be licensed for web, print and other media at the Alamy stock agency.
prints are also available, contact me for more information.

I shoot digital images in raw format (unless the camera only produces jpegs) and generally process my images minimally, mainly because I don’t have the patience to work in photoshop for too long. If I spend more than about 10 min on an image I begin to hate it :)
I do most of my post processing in Adobe’s Photoshop and Lightroom applications.
I develop my black and white film myself and scan the results on an epson flatbed scanner. I use an awesome local lab to process my colour film which I also scan with the epson scanner.

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My web sites are hosted on a dedicated Linux server in a co-location facility with SRI Hosting
The zinkwazi photo of the day photoblog is powered by a heavily modified version of pixelpost, by wordpress and my slideshows are powered by PHPSlideshow… contains around 45 gigs of images and data and pushes around 40 gigs of traffic a month.

Zinkwazi is the Zulu word for “Fish Eagles” (Haliaeetus vocifer), which are large fish catching raptors that look quite similar to the American Bald eagle.