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Joshua Tree starsa smile with frosting on topDave LundgrenPurple!fog lit up by the early morning sunGuinness - Holiday Cheer at the Mercury Lounge, GoletaLGthe wizard attacks!My cousin Sue-SueHippo!crocodylus niloticusLoving MamaHuge battle-scarred hippoCereal KillersChikwenya Elephant at SunsetSpy satellite launch from VAFBRudy sitting up in his crib.Levi on the sofa...Our baby is 2 today!ode to kris krugEricbin swimmin'big Ain the rose gardenBthe secret gardenRoryStella!breakfast conversations - D'Angelo's Bakeryjimmy and ericashooting jewelryGabe Canobobcat: hunting / huntedthe gift of rainflying bobcathealthy queen beeGoleta bobcat - young maleRolf GeylingGoleta bobcatBobcat camouflagePink camo jacketlittle charlietwisted priorityCarpinteria bluffs - sunrisebackyard honey harvestnot aloneOliverSt. Germain Gimlet - amazing!There's a prison on Route 41orchard rows #2orchard rowsGraceI'm OK!the brothers speakewaffles on sundaypeppermint schnapps and hot chocolate!Santa Barbara gossipcanon 50mm at f/1.2 vs f/2.8that baby again!stare downlivy's smilemax has [lens] flarecool jackbaby's first self portraitknapp's castlesuburban beekeeping in goletaGrand Ealy