Missing Matt

Matt would have turned 40 this year.ย  Back in 2009 we made a mix CD for him and I was inspired to do it again this year. So here's a compilation of songs that Matt might have liked to listen to or make fun of ๐Ÿ™‚   I will miss you With no warning I will miss you...

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Ryan’s bachelor party

Fun weekend up near Lake Nacimiento to celebrate Ryan and his upcoming wedding. Lots of guns, food, drink and stories around the fire.ย  Click here for more bachelor party photos...   (Also check out these old photos of Ryan when he turned 21 and this portrait...

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Joshua Tree camping with kids #4

The 4th annual kids 'n dads camping trip to Joshua Tree was a blast!ย  It was Stella's first year and she rocked it! As in years past we left early and spent the first night at the historic Harmony Motelย  where U2 stayed while shooting photos for the Joshua Tree album...

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Lifesize giant Angry Birds slingshot.

I built a giant Angry Birds catapult for our Joshua Tree camping trip this year.ย  The kids had a blast pelting one another with the Angry Birds and there were almost no casualties ๐Ÿ™‚ Below are some videos of the Angry Birds in action and you can see a slideshow of...

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Silver spoon herb garden markers…

  I made a set of herb markers for Janice and Paul's garden with some old silver spoons... These are easy to make, you can get silver spoons for a few bucks each at an antique store. DIY: 1) Flatten spoon with rubber mallet. 2) Flatten / texture stem with flat...

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Joe Curren Art!

  Ever since I saw some of Joe Curren's framed photos at a gallery in Laguna Beach a few years ago I have wanted to get my hands on one! Somewhere along the way I must have mentioned this to Chris Orwig who just gave me, not just any, but THE Joe Curren framed...

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My photos at Color Services dot com!

Color Services has just launched a beautiful new web site which was designed in-house by their own Gabe Cano and produced by NDIC.ย  Gabe used dozens of my images throughout the site, it is really fun to see the familiar faces on almost every page. ๐Ÿ™‚ So head over to...

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Bill Adkins’ playground

I had the distinct pleasure of hanging out with Bill Adkins at his workshop/studio/playground today while he cut a piece of steel railway track for me to use as an anvil on my ring-making workbench. Click here for more photos of Bill in action:  

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Black Death Vodka Label – high res

I needed some props for my 80s party Slash costume last weekend so I made a Black Death Vodka shirt (iron on) and bottle label. (In the 80s Slash was sponsored by Black Death Vodka. No one has heard of BDV before or since, however...)   If you are looking to DIY...

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Moonshine Labels

After a fruitless search for cool moonshine labels for a project, I gave up and made my own. Using a scan of some paper from a 1890's document I downloaded from the Library of Congress as the base, Iย  layered fonts and textures to end up with a pretty cool label....

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Hipstamatic named a camera after me!

I have been enjoying the awesome new Hipstamatic Disposable social camera app for the past week but did not notice the little gem that Gabe pointed out to me last night... The splendid Synthetic crew built and named a camera after me! How cool is that!   The...

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Alcatraz Prison Overnight

This weekend I got to spend the night in cell #36, Cell Block D, Alcatraz Federal Prison.ย  It was an awesome experience to spend time on Alcatraz, the island has a rich history and is very photogenic.ย  You can find info on applying for the lottery for this amazing...

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Remember: life is epic!

  Chris Orwig delivered the best talk at the 2011 Tedx American Riviera sessions, I highly recommend that you watch the video below!   Chris weaves an inspiring story using his poetic style and photography. One of the features of this talk took me back to...

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Web development projects

This week I finished building two new web sites for a couple of good friends. The first was for Trish Geyling, indefatigable mom to little Rudy.ย  My goal was to get an easy to use e-commerce site set up quickly using existing photography assets.ย  If you need to pick...

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