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Jan 2008: v0.9.9.3 security fix to resolve XSS concerns.
Nov 2006: v0.9.9.2 add random display order & limit auto slideshow.
June 2006: phpslideshow v0.9.9 released. automatic thumbnail generation!
April 2006: community phpslideshow support by google groups!
Feb 2006: phpslideshow v0.9.6 now supports JavaScript image preloading!
Aug 2000: initial release.

PHPSlideShow is the easiest way to create a web based slide show from a directory full of your digital photos and images.
Setup is easy! simply unzip the download (below) in a directory containing your images and browse to the phpslideshow.php file with your web browser.
phpslideshow is a great supplement to a photoblog or text blog where you want to easily add photos in a slideshow.

Demo PHPSlideshow:
demo with thumbnails.
demo without thumbnails.
demo with thumbnails and auto slideshow turned on.

Demo alternate templates for phpslideshow:
– contact sheet template: demo | download
– thumbnail fade template: demo | download
– bare bones template: demo | download (use this to build your own)
[to install alternate templates, replace the default template.html file with one of these]

– Zero Configuration Setup makes for instant results.
– javascript preload next image to increase performance for viewer.
– html/css template based for easy integration into existing web sites.
– automatically builds dynamic slideshow from images in current directory.
– automatically creates thumbnail images.
– automatic settings to scroll through the images every x seconds.
– individual image description/names and page titles.
– easily add image titles with EXIF comment support.
– multi directory support (one script for multiple image directories).
– ability to order images by date, name etc…
– random display order option.
– supports png, jpeg, and gif image formats.
– phpslideshow is free, released under the GPL.

PHPSlideShow support:
visit phpslideshow google group If you have questions or problems…

download phpslideshow:
DOWNLOAD PHPSlideShow v0.9.9.3 zip
DOWNLOAD PHPSlideShow v0.9.9.3 tar.gz

Now also available on GitHub!
PHPSlideshow GitHub repository

View source code
View PHPSlideShow v0.9.9 source code.
view the template.html file source.
view the bare bones template.html file source.
view the README.txt.

Some other examples PHPSlideshow:
greg lawler photograpy galleries
chris mundell parody movie posters

Let me know if you design a cool template for phpslideshow that you’d like to share with others or if you are using phpslideshow in some creative way.

Deprecated code :: OSX VNC Server, PHPIMP and PHPHP
If you are looking for these scripts, they can be found here.