Alcatraz Prison Overnight

This weekend I got to spend the night in cell #36, Cell Block D, Alcatraz Federal Prison.  It was an awesome experience to spend time on Alcatraz, the island has a rich history and is very photogenic.  You can find info on applying for the lottery for this amazing opportunity on the National Park Service site here…

Click on the images below for many more photos from our epic Alcatraz sleepover…


Alcatraz Lighthouse, Full Moon


View of San Francisco from Alcatraz


The Ghost of Alcatraz



  1. Beautiful pictures and spooky vibe too! Can’t wait to hear your stories!

  2. Pretty cool isn’t it? We have been involved with the We Players for the past year and half and last year they performed Hamlet on Alcatraz. The play would itself over the entire island and finished with the final fight scene on the parade ground. We got to know the island intimately and spent the night there last Halloween, an experience to remember. My favorite part was the sunrise over the Bay Bridge on an exquisite morning.

    Did you get a tour of the Citadel below the prison?

  3. The Ghostsh***er! I thought he was only a legend…

    Beautiful shots, Greg!