Sterling silver coin ring

I picked up a Zuid Afrik. Repub. (South African Republic) 2 Shillings coin, featuring Paul Kruger on the reverse, and folded it into a cool coin ring. This coin was minted from .925 sterling silver (92.5% silver / 7.5% copper) in 1896, just 3 years before the start of...

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Fishing Eagle

I've wanted to shoot an eagle catching a fish ever since I was a kid and saw an African Fish Eagle hunting a river in South Africa. Last week I was fishing at the Coastal Springs Float Lodge in the wilderness north of Vancouver and I was fortunate enough to get the...

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Patent art – as art

It is interesting and fun browsing the USPTO patent archives.  Older patents often have beautiful hand drawn art attached to them as part of the filing. You can download PDF scans of these old patents and modify them to make awesome wall art. Here are a few examples...

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New Color Services blog

The Outside Open design interns have been busy since launching the poster - they just went live with a refreshed blog design for Color Services Photo Lab in Santa Barbara. The new design is very clean and fully responsive - go take a look for...

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DIY Letter shape birdhouses [U]

We discovered that a family of Oak Titmouse birds has moved into one of the alphabet bird boxes that I made for the kids! It's amazing how many times (and how fast) they go in and out all day as they gather grubs for the chicks. I set up my tripod and zoom lens and...

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Phonetic, morse code, semaphore and shipping flags alphabet.

Over at my day job, we recently released the results of attempting to solve an interesting design problem. Our goal was to produce an informational piece which solved the problem so often faced while working with people over the phone, namely spelling. You can get a...

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Restore an old fire hydrant to make awesome office art!

I really enjoy industrial design. Objects that have been created for a specific purpose tend to encompass clean and honest design with no pretense.  Recently I began lusting after fire hydrants. A quick Craig's List search and I was in the money! Below is the process...

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DIY hollow book safes for kids

The kids and I made 13 book safes for all the kids that we shared the New Year's weekend with in Mammoth. How to make book safes The process is easy and takes around 45 minutes per...

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Site upgrade

I think it has been almost 10 years since I gave a new look.  I recently migrated to the Divi theme for Wordpress (which is amazing and powerful) and so here it is, a new design! Many thanks to the awesome team over at Khoza Technology for hosting this...

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pfSense Multi Site Backup Script

I manage many pfSense firewalls and have just pushed a useful backup script to GitHub that we use to automate backups of all the remote pfSense boxes. You can read more at Outside Open or head over to GitHub to grab a copy....

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Outside Open launches new web site!

Outside Open has a new web site!  As many of you know, Trevor Young and I launched OO almost two years ago. We have been looking forward to getting a site up but have had the excellent problem of too much work.   We built the site internally, (because that's what...

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2013 CIMI Trip

The La Patera 6th graders had an amazing time at Catalina Island Marine Institute this year - here is a slideshow of the fun...

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You Are America (And So Did I!)

To celebrate recently becoming and American citizen, I am having an art show at Brooks Institute's Gallery 27. The show opens at 5PM on September 5th and is open to the public, please stop by and say hi! The show title is in response to American cultural hero, Stephen...

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The National!

Epic show last night at Hollywood Forever Cemetary, the National rocked the graveyard! Matt Berninger got out into the crowd - so fun!...

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Bill Lawler

On January 20, 2013 my dad passed away after a short battle with cancer.  It was very sudden, he didn't know that he was sick until just over a month earlier when doctors discovered metastasized cancer throughout his body. I am very thankful that I was able to get to...

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Cedar Beer Caddies

I made a couple dozen wooden beer caddies for Christmas gifts - it took a little longer than expected to cut the inserts but the carriers turned out really well and I was able to fill and deliver them today. Just in time delivery 🙂 I used cedar fence boards for the...

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Kris Krug in the rain

Virtual friend Kris Krug aka @kk stopped by Color Services on a rainy Santa Barbara day for a quick visit on a little road trip from Joshua Tree to Canada. Fun to finally meet you in person @kk!   If you're curious about the beautiful photo that Kris is holding,...

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