DIY Letter shape birdhouses [U]

We discovered that a family of Oak Titmouse birds has moved into one of the alphabet bird boxes that I made for the kids!

It’s amazing how many times (and how fast) they go in and out all day as they gather grubs for the chicks.

I set up my tripod and zoom lens and camped out for an hour in the yard on Saturday and was stoked to get a few nice photos of the adults in action.

[Update] It’s been a few years since I made these alphabet letter birdhouses for the kids.  Last year we watched with delight as a pair of birds raised and fledged a family in the P shaped birdhouse.  This year I noticed some rat droppings in the letter M birdhouse when cleaning them out. I decided to make it harder for rats to gain entrance to the hole by adding copper sheeting.  The idea is that rats can’t grip on the copper and if the birds can’t smell a rat, they are more likely to nest in the box… Time will tell 🙂