missy rocks long beach!

not only did melissa finish the long beach marathon, but she won. yup, first woman and 17th overall! that’s probably even better than i could do! nice work goode!


wig reminded me of this kite flying video that matt made, poignantly set to u2’s song called “kite” it was posted on the now priceless steele family blog that matt maintained.

song for matt

email from mike this morning: greg, thinking of you this week and all in the community surrounding matt and his family. this song made me stop and cry… even though i only know matt through photographs. mike Listen Joe (by Golden...

see you later matt

matt steele (34) died early this morning after a 2 year battle with brain cancer. matt loved music. once he gave me a dvd full of his favorite mp3s, the jacket contained all the band names by genre with notes and ratings next to them in his handwriting. that dvd...