first day of school!

macey had her first day of kindergarten on monday and phoebe had her fist day at preschool on tuesday. change is afoot 🙂

sumo guests

martyn and debi came up for matt and nic’s sumo shower and dan came down to see us all… here’s a slideshow of the eating, drinking and playing that proceeded.

sumo shower!

nicole and matt celebrated their upcoming wedding with an, erm…, sumo wrestling shower… 🙂 here are some photos from the celebration

automated rugby scoresheets

anthony has updated his automatic scoresheet for the upcoming 2007 rugby world cup in france! you can download a copy of this cool excel spreadsheet here…

barrels of fun!

the tubbs were in town for a weekend of santa barbara sand and sun. here are the photos… check out these time warp photos from their last weekend visit.