i just ran a quick benchmark on the new server 🙂 i fed 52 images to a script i use to resize, crop and rotate images for phpslideshow. the old server took 3min 55.819s the new server completed the task in 1min 13.952s sweeet!


we have finally made the move to the new server! almost everything migrated over smoothly, yay plesk. thanks to everyone who donated parts and $$ to the project! if you host your site on this machine, please check that everything is as it should...

new bathroom

this morning (saturday) kim and the kids headed down to hang out with the hoffmanns so that i could have some peace and quiet. and remodel the bathroom… here are photos from: day#1, day#2, day#3, day#4, day#5, day#6&7


mike and julie robinson rocked the 5K at today’s santa barbara half marathon. mike came second in his age group and julie took first in hers! way to go guys!