the glendale vs collard tree saga is almost over!

i wish i could say that logic prevailed in the case of glendale city vs the collards but it appears that the power of bad media has helped glendale retreat. after numerous news articles on CBS, KTLA and other local news sources, a front page article in the la times...

thanksgiving ’07

we had a mellow thanksgiving meal at home and then joined the youngs for a dose of desert and chillin’ good times!

my stock photography!

i have started to license my photography through PhotoShelter’s new stock agency. if you need photography for a web site, book or any other media, take a look at my images first 🙂 my images can be found at [update] is...


i happened upon the mundells at the beach the other day. they were all dressed the same which was scary. they kept standing in a row and looking at me so i took some photos of them.