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Matt Steele

Matt passed away on October 1st 2006, it is a profound gift that he counted me as a friend and that I walked with him long enough to capture a few moments of his spark to share with others…

As time passes, I find myself returning to these photos of Matt. I felt the need to compile the slideshows and images that i have of him into one easy to find place.

Images and slide shows:
- Matt Steele remembered
- Photos from the memorial
- Matt’s grave, Goleta cemetery
- Remembrance
- sunset
- Matt’s birthday, 2006
- Widescreen Reason outtake
- Christmas photos
- Matt’s birthday photos 2005
- Syd turns 2
- Cupcake

Blog posts on zinkwazi involving Matt in some way…
- pizza with Matt…
- kite
- Matt’s memorial
- see you later Matt
- Good things
- Iron man
- Syd turns 2
- U2 in concert, 2001