Deprecated code

I wrote a couple of scripts many years ago that were indexed by various search engines along the way. Although the scripts were written for php3, I still occasionally get emails asking for a copy so I decided to post them here…

Feel free to download these but understand that i no longer support them in any way.

OSX_VNC :: VNC Server for Mac OS X
OSX_VNC will install a vnc server so that you can remotely connect to and control your aqua OSX desktop with a standard vnc client.
Download VNC server for Mac OS X: | osx_vnc.tar.gz | screen shots…
[NOTE: For the past few years, Apple has included VNC in all standard OS X installs so this is no longer necessary…]

PHPHP :: PHP script to poll HP Jet Direct printers.
A PHP printer management script that polls Hewlett-Packard Jet Direct printers via SNMP.
Statistics such as number of pages printed, toner level, ip address and printer status are displayed per device.
Download PHPHP: | phphp.tar.gz | view source.

PHPIMP :: PHP script exploring socket connections and authentication.
NOTE: don’t use this outside of a test environment!
Download PHPIMP: | phpimp.tar.gz | view source.