eric eacker on cnn!

local firefighter hero and friend of, eric eacker, has been working on the santa barbara tea fire for the past 3 days.
eric was interviewed yesterday by cnn!

santa barbara tea fire photos.
here is the video:

and here is some b-roll of eric and his crew in action:


  1. My uncle is so cool.

    I love you uncle, thank you for saving my friends’ houses.

    Thank you for putting out the fire. I like your movies.

    Uncle, I like you cuz you put out the fire.

    I love you a lot.

  2. Great footage. Felt the heat! AND the pain of those who lost so much. Hope Eric is doing fine. So proud of him and all firefighters!

  3. My. thoughts and prayers for your saftey Eric…..Aunt Joey sent me photo on to me to keep me informed…..hi Carrie….California doesnT sound too safe…….


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