see you later matt

matt steele (34) died early this morning after a 2 year battle with brain cancer.
matt loved music. once he gave me a dvd full of his favorite mp3s, the jacket contained all the band names by genre with notes and ratings next to them in his handwriting. that dvd introduced me to some of my favorite bands: radiohead, The New Pornographers, interpol, sufjan stevens, flaming lips and more.
i still have that dvd.
i put together a slideshow of matt photos that i’ve taken over the past few years…

[other matt steele images can be found here]


  1. Matt was my friend in high school. I just found out that he passed in 2006 from a mutual friend in facebook. That you for the pictures. I have no more words….

  2. Thanks for the great photos. I went to high school with Matt and have kept in touch with him on and off through the years. It was sad to hear he lost the battle, but it’s great to see what a great family he had helped create. From what I’ve seen he had a great circle of family/friends there in Santa Barbara. Thanks again.

  3. I’m so sorry to hear about Matt. :O( Thanks for sharing the slideshow with us!

  4. Greg, thank you. We have prayed for Matt as a family for the past two years and seeing these pictures was amazing.

  5. how incredible it is to have amazing photos like this to remember him by. i saw him so rarely in person in the past several years that this has become my only link to him, and it is beautiful. thanks greg.

  6. I met Matt one day in fall of 1998 when Knoles brought me up to S.B. to play some morning basketball with a bunch of guys. I saw the low hoops at the school, and being 6’5″ was like yeah, Sweet. But I was immediately drawn to this charismatic person whom I later found his name was Steele. He had a way about him that made people laugh and feel comfortable and welcome. Even in the short times I spent with him I always felt like he came across as open and willing to be vulnerable to even me (someone he barley knew).

    Everytime I came up to visit Knoles, I found myself always asking if we were going to see Matt. I genuinely loved that guy and his little smirk smile and raised eyebrow he would give and his voices/impersenations always brought me to laughing. WOW!

  7. I miss Matt. He paid better attention to music and such than I do. I stole his iTunes folder once:) I think I will be a wreck for a while.

  8. wow. simply amazing. greg, thank you for putting those pix together and for walking with matt these past few years so that we could all enjoy those incredible pictures. i’m sure you felt it a privilege. I know I felt very blessed to be able to record his drumming so much these past couple years. I have tons of music that Matt hand picked for me too. I love so much of it and would not have known about it if it wasn’t for him. I’m glad Matt introduced us Greg. see you later. -aw