the glendale vs collard tree saga is almost over!

i wish i could say that logic prevailed in the case of glendale city vs the collards but it appears that the power of bad media has helped glendale retreat.

after numerous news articles on CBS, KTLA and other local news sources, a front page article in the la times delivered the Coup d’état bringing the glendale city council to their senses.
yesterday at the glendale city council meeting, the city lawyer stated that they would drop the $376,000 fine against the collards.
the fine was levied after the collards trimmed some oak trees on their property in response to a fire abatement notice from the city!

For more news items and for information on this bizarre case check out the website.

here is the cbs news reel video from yesterday.


  1. I think Saruman, The White, would have preferred a hefty fine.
    Am I right people? Who’s with me? Hello?
    Better to lose some cash than an army of pissed off Ents and Hurons on your porch!
    Hello? Is this thing on? I gotta ask my mom if she paid the internet bill.

    Please don’t ban me.

  2. Power of bad media

    That’s for sure. I liked how in the other clip you posted the reporter replayed Mrs. Collard’s mentioning $347,000, what, 4 times in a row? I guess that was for emphasis. Good to hear that things turned out.

  3. yeah! hey logic or pressure from the masses, whatever gets the job done. It IS a city council and therefore Logic is would be very out of place. good news