2008: a year in photos

We didn’t get a Christmas card out this year, instead we sent out an 8×12 photo collage, it turned out well and might be repeated for 2009 🙂

Click on the image below to see the online version…

2008 card

2008 card

Happy 2009 everyone!

[FYI I used the free MacOSaiX tool to make the card and online version with.]

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  1. This is so cool and I’m unabashedly proud at the number of times members of our family are pictured. It makes me wonder just how dull your year would have been if you didn’t know us. For some reason, looking this over makes me want to vote for my favorite picture, but I’m ethical enough to know I can’t vote for any of my own brood. With those out of the way it’s easy–Phoebe in the pink striped shirt with long sleeves–3 over, 6 up from the bottom left. Exuberance personified–awesome picture!