365 days of photoblogging at zinkwazi.com

today is the 365th day of operation for my photoblog!
thanks to all the folks who have stopped by and left a word of encouragement in the form of a comment or have taught me a thing or two about photography along the way.
in feb 2005 i borrowed a digital slr camera and exactly one year ago today, i launched my photoblog by listing it on http://www.photoblogs.org
my goal has been to post an image per day and in the process learn more about photography.
it has been a fun year, i reached my goal and made new friends all over the world.

here are some fun statistics:
# images posted: 368
first comment: leova @ http://movie.leova.com/
total # comments: 1149
# cameras borrowed: 12
# cameras owned: 1 as of jan 2006 🙂

top 10 commenters:
Jason @ http://rustyparts.com/pb
tad @ http://www.tadwagner.com/blog
geordie @ http://www.speakelabs.com/
pierre @ http://www.hotpixel.ch/
Ana @ http://shutterfly.blog-city.com/
gabe @ http://www.myspace.com/clarkprojects
mari @ http://www.itcaughtmyeye.com/
tuan @ http://ayusaki.com/
Jonas Detarsis @ http://graindesel.over-blog.net/
Dan @ http://www.genestho.ca/

thank you all, i hope to see more of you over the next 365 days!