bees are doing well!

I opened up the hive today for the first time since catching the swarm and moving them into their new home 2 weeks ago.
They’ve been busy and have drawn comb on 3 of the frames and have a good looking brood coming along. I also saw lots of pollen and honey so they are doing well.
No sign of the queen but there were fresh little eggs so she’s in there somewhere 🙂

thanks to kim for shooting the video 🙂

some more photos…


  1. Thanks, Rolf. I wasn’t going to say anything but … yeh. Is that even Greg??? Shorts, T, Crocs??? — Well I KNOW where the queen is. IN THE KITCHEN!

  2. What’s with all the protective gear? Shorts? T-shirt? Crocs?


  3. Look who made the switch to canon!

  4. love the line, kim!!

  5. whats with the free advertising you’re doing for canon! you made the switch!

  6. “i gotta get out of here” might be the most subtle funny of that. make Kim a drink for filming that…

  7. No fear! Even with the smoke, I’m impressed with your bee handling skills.