car buying tips

we recently purchased a car and inadvertently discovered a very powerful negotiating tool: small kids.
small kids have the attention span of 37 seconds which results in a lot of bouncing off the walls, running around the sales floor and asking for balloons.
there is also the crying, this is particulary effective.
crying occured when: balloon was released into the ozone, head collided with sales office door, paper airplane went under showroom car and it was “taking a long tiiiiiiime”
the net result of this activity is that the sales staff lost their nerve and were frazzled. they were literally sweating buckets by the time we left the lot.
we got a great price 🙂

i had my camera and took a few photos of the fun 🙂


  1. no one should have that much fun buying a car! 🙂

  2. I will keep this in mind for the future. Do you think I could rent the kids if I find myself in a position of buying a car? The knowledge of having kids to “speed” the process of buying a car is very helpful.

  3. The girls certainly look like they gave the car a good going-over…everyone looks happy enough! Great humour in these pix, greg! Some lovely pix too, especially of the girls.