current favorite songs from M.I.A and Fleet Foxes

here are a couple of songs i am really into this week…

m.i.a with paper planes from the slumdog millionaire soundtrack (i have not seen slumdog yet, looking forward to it!)


and fleet foxes with White Winter Hymnal from mike’s 2008 mix 🙂

[audio:|titles=White Winter Hymnal|artists=Fleet Foxes]


  1. thanks to the rss feed, I got both these songs now on my tunes, and the M.I.A. in my running mix. which my hood can be a little confusing with all the gun shots and what not;)

  2. I love the Slumdog soundtrack. It is easily my favorite movie this year. SOOOO good!

  3. I so dig that mia track, but never knew who did it (or even what they’re saying). Gonna grab my kid’s nerf gun and bust a cap…

  4. That M.I.A. track was on Pineapple Express too. Very catchy.
    It makes me want to celebrate my life of crime.