Cursed by the Pope!

Holy cow! Apparently back in the day, if you angered the pope, you risked getting cursed.
The PDF below is a scan of the papal curse levied against my family. The full text is well worth the read, it is an irate rant that makes Alpha Catholic Stephen Colbert’s finger wagging look like a baby tickle*. 🙂

If you have a short attention span (unlike the pope’s chief curse writer) skip ahead to the more visceral details two thirds down in the second paragraph. I did not expect the pope to use the word “shitting” but apparently he was irate and wanted to cover all the bases…

Papal curse text. [PDF – 870kb]

* i am a big fan. (of baby tickles and the colbert report) 🙂


  1. WOW, herr Rottweiller said this? Must check it out!

  2. great. now i need to google “how to break a papal curse.”

  3. Wow! Now I can check off on my list “friend whose family was cursed by the Pope.” That’s quite the curse.

  4. LOL! It’s like Monty Python wrote it!