eric hodge – Platypus video

As part of the Platypus Workshop that I am attending, everyone had to do a short documentary style video…
I made a 5 minute video about local mobile mechanic, Eric Hodge.
I followed Eric around Ojai, California for the day and this is the result:

P.S. – Peter Frank (aka PF) Bentley awarded this video “Best Story” at the Platypus Workshop 🙂


  1. really interesting Doc, i know my neighbour and I haven’t even met him yet!

  2. Great job Greg!!
    Man! Eric is sooo cool!!

  3. Looks good!

  4. Well done! You picked parts of the day which blend and give a real message in only 5 mins.

  5. really, really cool! loved the philosophy.

  6. Wow, that totally rocked! The way it transitioned seamlessly from being about mechanics to a social commentary made the film just get more and more interesting as it went on. Totally inspiring.

  7. Great job, Greg!! I’m rooting for Eric Hodge and I don’t even know him!
    Mission accomplished. (Actual mission accomplished. Not the kind when the president dresses up like GI Joe).
    This is incredible for your first doc. Incredible. I, of course, have some notes that I will give you over burritos:)

  8. greg-

    awesome work. it’s time to re-evaluate why and what i’m working for. perfection!

  9. I cried, but of course I would since it’s about my hubby! Great job, Greg! I will treasure this always!

  10. Excellent! This guy has the right attitude.

  11. inspiring.

  12. well done. good pacing. great story w.o it feeling like a “story.” And it is fun to see/hear someone doing life well.

  13. fantastic.