google maps & photoblog

i integrated my pixelpost photoblog with google maps!

there is now a “map all” link in the navigation bar and a “geo map” link under images that have co-ordinates in the pixelpost database…

here are examples of the map fully zoomed in and zoomed all the way out…

click here to test it out at normal zoom




  1. That’s pretty darn cool. I was thinking of making a similar addon for pixelpost 1.5 – looks like your way ahead of me.

    Do you fancy making this into an addon yourself?

  2. dude, that is so cool. you should do a simplephotominute episode on it to share the love. people’d be so stoked on that. let me know if you’re interested! 🙂 awesome.

  3. in order for me to roll this into a pixelpost google maps plugin i need to add a table to the database.
    that should answer the open source question 😉

  4. Cool. Curious, what was your rationale for creating a ‘pixelpost_map’ table over adding a couple fileds for ‘latitude’ and ‘longitude’ in the existing ‘pixelpost_pixelpost’ table?

    My intuition tells me your method is probably smater, but it then potentially surpases my PHP /MySQL coding skills. 😉

    Are you thinking of providing some ‘open source’ love on this one?

  5. dan i made a new table called pixelpost_map like this:

    DROP TABLE IF EXISTS `pixelpost_map`;
    CREATE TABLE IF NOT EXISTS `pixelpost_map` (
    `id` int(11) NOT NULL default '0',
    `lat` decimal(10,6) NOT NULL default '0.000000',
    `lon` decimal(10,6) NOT NULL default '0.000000',
    UNIQUE KEY `parent_id_2` (`id`),
    KEY `parent_id` (`id`)
    ) TYPE=MyISAM;

    i then use php to generate the data points onto the map.
    i have not made a front end for entering the coordinates yet, i just use phpmyadmin…

    oh, and i hacked pixelpost to look and see if an image has coordinates and if it does, it displays the link…

  6. hrrmmm… Did some thinking on this one and have a plan. I think I’m going to wait until Pixelpost 1.5 comes out then create a mod to the “add new image” function that will give me a field for longitude and latitude coordinates. Then, when adding the new image, it will store the data in the DB, thus eliviating the potentially huge file and need to hard code coordinates into the map page. Then, a “map all” like link would retrieve data for all images in the needed fields, whereas a “map this” like link would only pass the image ID number as a varible to the map.

    Thought in progress.

  7. Holy sick man! Fabulous job with that API. I’ve been working on doing EXACTLY the same job as you, but have not come close to your success (yet! 😉 I’m curious, are you hard coding each image into the “map” page? That’s the only way I’m seeing this work, but man, that’s a big friggin job when I think of doing it for all past images as well, not to mention how heavy that page will become with all images being listed in there… Hrrmmm… maybe there’s something I ‘m not yet understanding.

  8. dam(n) you cool.

  9. i got a google maps api key (free) and then used the tutorials in the api docs to hack the script together.

  10. crazy cool. how do you do that??