indoor rc helicpter

kim got me a cool radio controlled helicopter for father’s day…
here are some photos of it in action, be sure to check out the last few images ­čśë


  1. Dude, I have got to get one of those! Maybe I can get myself one for my daughter’s birthday.?

  2. What a cool father´s day´s gift!
    Maybe not so fun for your daughter├é┬┤s hair…

    Another cool thing… Me, Emil and Viktoria are coming to Santa Barbara on November 2 and stay untill november 13!!! We are also bringing my parents, my sister, Karin, and my second uncle, Lars. Uncle Ralph and Nancy are celebrating 25 years of marriage + 75 years birthday by inviting the Swedish family.

    It would be wonderful to meet you, Kim and all the kids!