lunch today: lilly’s tacos

you need to hurry along to lilly’s tacos on chapala for what may be the best tacos on earth.
they make one thing: tacos.
you can fill your taco with beef, marinated pork, head, cheek, lip, tongue, eye or steamed beef.
here are some images from this morning’s walkabout plus a few more lilly’s shots…
thanks to tad for introducing me to this joint!


  1. You just made me very hungry. Thanks a lot.

  2. i’m not as cool as tad who was introduced me to lilly’s 🙂

  3. yeah, how’d you find it?

    you’re cool factor has gone up…and you were way cool to begin with!!!

  4. this place is awesome!

    thanks greg for posting about it…

  5. i had lip and cheek on thursday, yum!

  6. nice gabe!
    now maybe i’ll be more comfortable wielding my camera around if i know that they know that i’m friendly… 🙂

  7. checked out lilly’s today after work. i couldn’t agree more. they ARE the best tacos in sb. lilly’s takes me back to my favorite enseenad taco stand “el bronco”.

    note: they gave me a free “adobada” when i told them it was my first time in. to passed along your website address so they could see YOU singing THEIR praises.

    final note: they bring new meaning to the phrase “hole in the wall”.