new years, 2008

we enjoyed the traditional new years get together in laguna beach.
lots of kids on razor scooters, swimming, scotch, laughing and other tom-foolery!
photos part 1
photos part 2

I used the waterproof housing that Sean gave me for the first time, what a blast!
here are some videos from the pool:

macey diving and swimming underwater!

phoebe discovers that she can stand in the pool!

chris orwig’s self portrait somersault!

meg testing the water temp

sienna the dolphin

phoebe and i doing a “super-wave! big!” tandem jump


  1. These are all so fun Greg. I got an underwater housing kit for my olympus c5060 to take to Hawaii when we went in August but I found it too hard to try and shoot while making sure I didn’t step on any choral and watching that a wave didn’t take me out. I never thought of trying it with the video. 🙂

  2. Awesome! I want one 🙂 Is it for your g9?