orwigs on the beach

i took some photos of the orwigs at the beach a few days ago…

here are the photos.

and here is the video 🙂


  1. Beautiful! Your photography is amazing. Fun to see the Orwigs!

  2. Beautiful! Your photography is amazing. Great video of the Orwigs!

  3. as always… inspiring. Well done.

  4. wow! The style of the video reminds me of the old 35mm family reels shown with the projector on the living room wall and the music is perfect. nice work!

  5. that’s about the coolest thing i’ve seen with photos in a long time.

  6. Wow… That was so beautiful. I just love Orwig media.

  7. Such a great video! Perfect music choice.

  8. Greg, You captured something here that gives such meaning to our family. Thank you for seeing what we often cannot see, being so close up. What a gift you have given to us! Thank you.