papa date

macey had a play date with olivia on sunday so phoebe and i went on a “papa date”
one of the things she really wanted to do (for some reason) was to ride macey’s bike while i followed in my truck…
this was almost as fun as pretending to be crocodiles and monkeys on the play structure at the park 🙂


  1. Very Very Very cool.

  2. two things: Who called the cops thinking you were a stalker?
    and I luv that Phoebe starts slow and then is hauling ass towards the end…

  3. Beautiful! Now Benjamin wants to do it with her! “More Phoeeeeve ride bike with Ben?”

  4. perfection. honestly though, i was secretly waiting to hear a crashing sound as you sideswiped a park car. pb is ready for the tour de france.

  5. How come when you do it, it’s cheerful and cute? When I do it, most of the shots are of the armrest and dashboard to a soundtrack of expletives.

  6. i love this. it is fantastic.

  7. great video. good job not crashing your truck. 🙂

  8. Her wish has come true, just ask Papa! The music is very appropriately done.