right and wrong

it so happens that i do a couple of things right. maybe even perfectly.
i make the world’s best margarita and i grill the world’s best tri-tip steak.
tonight i tried something new; tequila in hot eggnog.
this combination, it turns out, is very wrong.

hopefully i just saved you from an unfortunate experience.


  1. haha I was just thinking of trying that cause I have some cuervo left and all we have is eggnog, thanks for saving me man.

  2. OMG – I can’t even bring myself to an imagined mental space where I’d even be considering this strange potion as a possibility! Question… how many margarita’s had you had before coming up with this concoction? 😉

  3. I recommend peppermint schnapps and hot cocoa for your holiday drinking desires. I mean tequila in eggnog, seriously? I expect more from you greg

  4. it was just gross but i drank the whole thing to avoid wasting any tequila 🙂

  5. So we’re all wondering…was it just gross or did it make you sick?

  6. Bummer…what a waste of perfectly good tequila! For the record you take some very “RIGHT” pictures!

  7. Try Bacardi Gold next time! Yum!