rudy is home!

Little Rudy is finally at home in Santa Barbara with his family after an epic battle lasting his entire 6 month life!
I spent a few hours with the Geylings taking photos of the great event.

here is a slideshow of little rudy leaving UCLA medical center, his first car ride and the journey home…

Thanks to Team UCLA!


  1. This video is very moving as show that care and love from the staff, but most importantly from Mom and Dad allowed Rudy to go on. god bless.

  2. Hi and Big Congratulations to all of you.Dearest Rudy, you a Champion and a Light. Your little life has changed the lives of so many and you’re not even a year old yet. Thank you Jesus and thank you Geylings for sharing this time with us and Greg, you deserve more than just an ordinary oscar for this film. Lots of love , Jerilynn and Hap p.s. Rudy, I would hide the food coloring from your Mum, she is an artist and who knows what’s next; hairstyles are just a beginning,xxx

  3. I don’t know Rudy or his family…but I am so happy to see him headed home. Congrats to the family and what a cutie!

  4. woah. this is amazing

  5. I sat with the kids on my lap…watching, smiling, speechless. We are so very glad and thankful!

  6. gregg’s photos of rudy’s homecoming added so much to the facts and feelings written by rolf and trish. thank you for communicating so well and allowing friends and family to be included.

  7. OH MY GOSH! I am still crying! Rolf and Trish…you are so amazing! You inspire me to be a better nurse and mother! I LOVE YOU GUYS! So glad that you can enjoy Rudy at home! Thank you for this beautiful slideshow. I am honored to have met you! oxoxoxoxoxx xooxoxoxoxoxooxxoo Mei Lani

  8. Absolutely beautiful. I cried through the entire thing. Yeah Rudy! Yeah Rolf and Trish! Love you so much!

  9. Thanks for sharing the big event with those of us who love you and live so far away. Celebrating God’s amazing miracles, grace and love with you from the other side of the world. Love, Kim

  10. what a blessed event!! thank you for preserving it!

  11. I don’t know Rudy or his family…but I am so happy to see him headed home. Congrats to the family and what a cutie!

  12. Priceless, absolutely priceless. What a beautiful video and what miracles God has done!! I am glad I have kleenex near my desk!!

    Thank you for sharing and have a Happy, happy Easter! Rudy! Your first one at home!!!

    Love, kisses & hugs!

  13. Thinking about your family. That’s Presbyterian for “praying for you”. I has been a long, long time in coming. But what a beautiful journey.
    In His Love,
    Don and Mary Schmidt

  14. I, too, cried tears of gratefulness, relief, and pure joy through this whole show.
    Thank you Jesus. Thank you Jesus. Thank you Jesus!!!!!!

  15. Thank you Greg for recording this great event for all of us who have been following Rudy’s journey from afar! Your pictures provide us with a real sense of being there…thank you! Rudy’s Uncle Steve

  16. Home at last! What a beautiful document of Rudy’s journey home.
    Thank you for sharing.
    Blessings to you all.

  17. Cups runneth over…Our Vanya has been telling us that he want to meet Rudy. Our God is very good.

  18. What a wonderful answer to prayer, no doubt thousands of prayers around the world for precious Rudy. We feel blessed to be a part of this journey, and we marvel at how Trish, Rolf, and the kids are handling it. We will keep praying for Rudy and the whole family in this new chapter of his courageous life story.
    Love, Pat & Gary Hanson

  19. Thanks you, Greg, for this wonderful gift of the homegoing highlights! We have been able to follow Rudy’s incredible journey on Rudy’s Beat. That has helped us more than we can express and your beautiful photography has added a new dimension. As Grandpa Dick and Grandma Jo we deeply thank you for your kindness to Rolf, Trish and the children. God willing, we will be able to see many years of this continuing story. Sincerely, from Trish’s mom and dad.

  20. Wow.. We really enjoyed the pictures. What a beautiful collection of special moments.. they will truly last and be valued always. Welcome home and thank you for sharing your memories. God bless you.

  21. Oh my goodness ! I never was a cry baby, but this is too much ! What a journey !
    He is so priceless !

  22. Thank you Gregg! We feel like we were there! Awesome pictures….our hearts are full….he’s home!

  23. A blessed day for a wonderful family. God’s grace be with you all and please, dear Lord, let Rudy grow and prosper in your loving family.
    Thank you for sharing this moving moment in your lives.

  24. We have followed your journey in “Rudy’s Beat” and rejoice with you that he is home now. We know God has special plans for you, your other children and this young man!

  25. Thanks for letting us be a part of this amazing Homecoming!

  26. That made me cry! I am so happy for you and all the gang. Looks like Rudy is going to get some sibling lovin’!

  27. Many of us thought this day would never come but – praise the Lord – our prayers have been answered! And it is so wonderful to see Rudy’s homecoming in pictures. Thank you, Greg. You are a very good man and an incredible friend to an incredible family.

  28. Oh man..I’m still crying! God is so good.
    (your pictures are pretty good too Greg!)

  29. wow – what a gift you’ve given to them. these are priceless!!

  30. pretty exciting!
    great pics greg!

  31. I cried through the whole slideshow. Absolutely mesmerizing and so appreciated!


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