second annual kids joshua tree camping trip.

the big kids and i headed out with chris to the desert on thursday.
we spent the night at the harmony motel [*] where bono and the lads stayed when they were working on the joshua tree album.
the next two days were spent climbing, hiking and enjoying the magic that is joshua tree…
there were 35 kids this year!

on the first day phoebe was very lucky to find an old leather treasure map hidden in the rocks.
it took the kids about half a day to orient themselves on the map and then we went on an epic treasure hunt!
fun times all around 🙂

here are some photos:
part 1 – road trip, harmony and night photos…
part 2 – rocks, climbing, hiking, fun.
treasure hunt in the desert 🙂
hanging out around the fire 🙂

[*not only is the harmony motel awesome, it is also owned by a south african, you can’t go wrong!]


  1. Epic! thanks for posting those and for organizing the treasure hunt – Micah will remember that one for a long time! my favorite is the picture of Old Friend Whiskey going up in smoke

  2. ben the treasure line was an urgent response on the part of the adults as the kids were rapidly descending into a “lord of the flies” scenario 🙂

  3. It looks like you guys had so much fun. I really liked the photos of the kids lined up to receive their share of the treasure.