the end of summer – poster

the end of summer
this is one of my recent favorites, i love how the kids are so innocent and carefree – i bet malia won’t be running shirtless on the beach next summer.
if you’d like a copy, i made a poster that you can order for around $10 from Costco to celebrate and mourn the end of an age.


  1. I was looking around a site, then I came across the Zinkwazi site.
    I enjoyed it so much that I decided before I download phpslideshow, I look around.
    I loved the collection of your images. All were feeling summer.
    Thank you for sharing.

  2. been stareing at this feeling good and remembering past moments this capures so well. thanx for your eye and heart that work in tandem.

  3. I’ll buy the one you make in June called “The Beginning of Summer”. Sorry…I’m a teacher! (Although I love this shot…)

  4. great stuff, G. Kind of torturous too;)