two different songs


I have been really digging these two songs recently!

The first song is from The Innocence Mission’s new “my room in the trees” album. Scroll to 2:12 to hear some real prettyness!

[audio: North American Field Song.mp3|artists=The Innocence Mission|titles=North American Field Song]

And then for some clever and funny lyrics from one of my all time favorite bands, Die Antwoord [Explicit]:

[audio: Bitch.mp3|artists=Die Antwoord|titles=Rich Bitch]


  1. At first Iisten, I didn’t pick up the clever and funny lyrics of Die Antwoord because I don’t talk South African. Then, my wife explained to me what some of the words mean (cuz she uses them alot). That little blond girl’s got herself a pottymouth. Do all South Africaneese people talk that way? Gives me new appreciation for the Vuvuzelas drowning out all that cussin.

  2. Check out “When Mac was swimming” from The Innocence Mission. One of my favorite chill songs of all time.