we are one giant leap closer to upgrading zulu, the server that zinkwazi, photothursday, codejanitor and about 21 other domains live on.
someone (thanks!) donated a dell poweredge 2650 dual 2.6ghz xeon server!
the catch? it needs ram and 3 more hard drives to complete the raid arrays.
so… if you want to help, here are links to what we need:
4 x 512MB dimm
3 x drive caddys
1 x 73gb 10KRPM U320 hard drive.
2 x 36gb u320 hard drives.


  1. thanks to kevin grose for a gig of ram and to jason rust for another 70gig hard drive!
    things are moving ahead 🙂

  2. today i picked up 1 gig of ram… at least now i can power the server up 🙂


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