Visual Poetry – Chris Orwig’s new book!

Visual Poetry - A book by Chris Orwig

Today Chris received the CMYK proof for the cover of his new book due out at the end of this month!

The book includes guest chapters authored by some of the most amazing photographers alive today including Rodney Smith, Joyce Tenneson, John Sexton, Steve McCurry, Joe Curren and, erm…, Greg Lawler!

It is humbling and crazy as an amateur photographer to have the opportunity to be a part of this project with Chris and all these iconic photographers, I can’t wait to have the book in hand!

Head on over and pre-order yourself a copy!


  1. I am reading it in Chinese version, like it very much, open my eyes and widen my view in photographing and thinking. Thanks from Shanghai, Mr.Orwig

  2. Awesome Greg! Well done

  3. Congrats, Greg! Well deserved for an outstanding photog!

  4. Greg!!!!! This is awesome for you and Chris. I can’t wait to see it and learn more about these photographers you talk about. Congrats!

  5. Very cool Greg, let us know when it is available.

  6. congrats! well deserved greg. i think you are under appreciated.

  7. i’m imagining the smile behind the cover. congrats chris! pre-ordered mine too!

  8. Sweet! I just pre-ordered my copy…