Holy craaaaap!

I found this beautiful f/2.8 70-200mm Canon lens (including warranty card!) on my doorstep this morning with a note: “Anonymous gift for Lawler. Enjoy”

Wow, I’m speechless! Thank you fairy godmother!



  1. that was from me. because i love you. i wanted it to be anonymous since i didn’t want anyone to know. so please don’t let the word get out.

    oh. and can i borrow it back for a while?

  2. Beautiful lens. What a great fairy godmother.

  3. Wow, that is cool. I might have been responsible for other stuff left on your doorstep, but you’ll never be able to prove it…Rejoicing with you over your good fortune.

  4. wow, nice! you deserve it man, as you are one of the most generous people i know.

  5. That is an awesome lens! I know it is going to be put to good use.