nikon d200 raw

for those photoshop cs2 users out there [un]fortunate enough to get a nikon d200 before adobe updated the camera raw plugin, there is light in the tunnel!

the recently released (free public beta) adobe lightroom can read the d200 nef files and convert them to dng on import!

although it is as slow as [cr]aperture, lightroom is much nicer to use than apple’s highly touted product.

so, before you run out and drop a chunk of cash for apple’s craperture, grab a copy of lightroom…




  1. Adobe just released ACR 3.3 which does include the D200.

    I do believe that Lightroom rocks even though it seems to be constantly processing thumbnails… hmm. I’m giving it a ton of slack though because the rest of it is soooo cool and will probably be in beta for quite a while.

  2. Cool stuff. I too have picked-up Adobe’s lightroom and its icon sits next to Aperture’s in my dock.

    So way back when, you mention that once I’d get myself in gear with the software to read RAW files you’ve give me a hand with my workflow. Though I don’t expect a huge list, here’s my directed questino for feedback (if you find the time): why would I want to shoot in RAW?

    Thus far, I’ve only found it one extra step in my post-processing work that really serves no huge purpose. I don’t find the image quality any better, the functionality of these “new taste of the month” software is, well, crap compared to Photoshop, so why… I find I’m using these high RAM sucker software to simply organize my photos…

    Is that really all I can get out of it?