PHPSlideShow v0.9.9 now makes thumbnails!

PHPSlideshow v0.9.9 has just been released.

This version adds the the long requested feature of automatic thumbnail creation!
It is designed as a drop-in upgrade for existing installs.

Many thanks to Jon from for the great idea of writing file permissions via ftp!
Jon has some really cool phpslideshow templates for his roller soccer slideshows, check this one out!

head over and download your upgrade now!

Visit the PHPSlideshow online group forum if you have any questions.


  1. I love your phpslideshow script. I ran across it several times while searching for a good php slideshow code but this time i decided to use yours for my site. Thank you !

  2. indeed.. i’d love to see especially how to add descriptions for each photo.. in the meantime, i’d work on that on my own..
    Thanks a bunch!

  3. This is the proof that great things can be made simply, too. Excellently done. Keep continue. There is always something to add or improve.