snow day in santa barbara!

we took the kids up the pass to east camino cielo to play in the snow yesterday. it actually snowed on us while we were up there, we all had a blast! (snow in santa barbara is a big deal, it even made the front page of the local paper)


due to a power distribution error, zulu, the server that hosts was able to take a much needed rest for about 12 hours. power and ethernet have now been restored and all appears to be operating as normal 🙂
holga 35mm modifiction

holga 35mm modifiction

because 35mm film is smaller that the medium format 120 film that the holga was designed for, you get a cool effect of the image bleeding across the 35mm sprocket holes. view examples of photos i have taken with my holga… click below for text notes… text...

365 days of photoblogging at

today is the 365th day of operation for my photoblog! thanks to all the folks who have stopped by and left a word of encouragement in the form of a comment or have taught me a thing or two about photography along the way. in feb 2005 i borrowed a digital slr camera...