Intervalometer and temperature logging on Canon G9 with CHDK!

I installed the Canon Hack Development Kit – CHDK – on my Canon Powershot G9 camera. CHDK is an amazing Open Source project that provides an alternate firmware for Canon Powershot cameras.
With CHDK installed, you can write scripts to control virtually every aspect of the camera.
I created an intervalometer script for CHDK that will trigger the camera to take a photo every 30 seconds for the duration of the HAPPy near-space balloon project that I am working on with Geoff.
An added bonus is that the G9 has temperature sensors on the CCD, battery and lens so the script also logs those along with the battery voltage every time a photo is taken 🙂

Below is a photo of the G9 LCD showing the HAPPy_Intervalometer running and some of the variables being recorded and below that is the HAPPy Intervalometer script…

You can download the latest version of the HAPPy Intervalometer CHDK script here…


CHDK temperature logger and intervalometer


  1. Hello Greg,

    Please disregard the above. I’ve figured it out.


  2. Hello Greg,

    I have downloaded and installed the script in my Canon A470, but as I am new to this I am having difficulty figuring out the menu, and how to set the parameters. I have the menu visible, but can’t seem to figure out how to get the default parameter values to load. I can select it, but clicking the FUNC/SET button doesn’t seem to do anything.
    Also wondering is the shoot script delay the time before the first shot? Or the length of time between shots? Sorry to be a pain since I’m sure these questions are very basic to you. I’m hoping to do my first balloon launch this spring, and would love to have this script figured out, since it is perfect for my purposes. Thanks for any help, and for sharing your script!

  3. Hi John,

    Save the file as HAPPy.lua and not as .bas and that should do the trick.
    You’ll find it under the Scripts menu in


  4. Hi

    only discovered this today. Have setup a SD card for G9 and I can see it loads. Found the Scripts folder and copied your script into it as a “.bas” file.

    how do I get the script to run?



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